The Top Skills for Business - Live -Interactive Online Development Program is set of courses that, within 6 weeks, provides you training in the top skills that many, especially international fortune 500 companies, desire in their employees.
Demonstrating a knowledge and competency in these topics will make you better placed to get that job you want

Program topics

Emotional intelligence & communication
Feedback & Motivation
Conflict resolution
Critical thinking & problem solving
Negotiation and Persuasion
Leadership skills - Values Based Leadership

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    Student zone

    The Student Zone is an area to turn to for up-to-date, affordable, practical training that enables faster and easier start to your career.

    We provide interactive online training programs designed to develop the top skills required for business professionals and leaders in today‘s job market, with the aim of promoting future employability and a shorter path to leadership positions .

    We focus on improving self-awareness, true self-confidence, interpersonal and communication skills.

    Available courses

    ONLINE Presentation skills course for students

    Develop your presentation skills to become a confident speaker and deliver your message as a professional.

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    ONLINE Interview preparation course for students

    Increase your chances of success and become a more confident, knowledgeable and stronger candidate.

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    Why did we create Professional Development Programs for STUDENTS?

    The shared services centre industry currently employs more than 700,000 people throughout CEE. In 2015 The American Chamber of Commerce Business Services Centre forum stated that:

    “Service centres are experiencing a lack of well-educated employees; even though many are university graduates, their knowledge is often too general. There are serious gaps as their knowledge is often not up-to-date and they may not have acquired any practical experience during their studies. The main issue to be solved is that education is not currently directly linked to the needs of the labor market.”

    Although we have seen action taken by business and government to address the required changes in education, there are still gaps that need to be filled to ensure that people do not lose out while the education system has a chance to catch up.

    In my time at IBM, I spent on average an additional 9-12 months of on the job additional training to bring successful graduates up to the required standards that our clients expected.

    I’ve created this “student zone” as an area to turn to for up to date, affordable, practical training that enables a faster and easier start to your career, wherever it may be.

    If you can’t find a topic you are looking for then please write to me at info@gaultconsulting.com with what it is you wish to learn and I’ll come back to you.