Development programs

Impactful and effective learning that delivers desired results

“Change is the only constant in life” (Heraclitus)

The way we handle life in a corporation heavily
depends on the leadership behavioral traits of that organization. 

Leadership is facing new challenges

It's time to update leadership development models and methodologies to equip future generations of leaders with a more in-depth understanding of how to apply leadership in the new world of work.

In the last few years working in isolation on an unprecedented scale has seen increased demands on leaders. In addition to being strategic in their methods, more emphasis on building and maintaining trusting relationships is required to maintain employee engagement, commitment and ownership and staff well-being in order to deliver performance results for the business and their clients.

As the world adapts to a hybrid way of working – some face to face and the rest virtually connected - the opportunity and competitive advantage of businesses who are able to scale and adopt resilient ways of working cannot be underestimated.

It's time to update leadership development

I provide in-depth and intensive learning sessions that combine minimal theory with maximum experience sharing and solution focused techniques to support leaders to overcome current challenges.

My tailored intensive interactive workshops increase the confidence and competency of your teams by providing practical experience, practise of skills and application of knowledge that can be deployed into your business immediately eliminating the need for long, theoretical development programs.

Focus on knowledge and experience transfer

The programs and workshops focus on transferring knowledge, skills and developing confidence through practice and real business simulation.

I don't use the off the shelf theory – I plan and deliver workshops that confront YOUR REALITY: No PowerPoint, no motivational quotes, no theoretical roleplay – only impactful, powerful and effective learning that delivers results.

Tailored approach to every client

As no group of participants are the same, the facilitation and the training methods are tailored to meet the needs on an interpersonal communication level of that specific group ensuring maximum engagement.

We combine the program topics and build a modular program based on company specific challenges.

Program topics

I deliver developmental programs, workshops combined with staff assessment and 1-2-1 mentoring or coaching to produce the successful result that the client is looking for.

We walk through and develop Human Skills for the 21st Century such as:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Hybrid working: purpose, psychological safety and results
  • Psychological Safety, Resilience and Performance
  • Leading virtual/hybrid teams
  • Influencing, persuasion and negotiation techniques
  • Critical or crisis situation leadership skills
  • Powerful speech and storytelling
  • Interpersonal communication & relationships
  • Strategic Stakeholder management and engagement
  • Employee engagement and performance
  • Bringing self-confidence and strategic focus to your role
  • Change & transformative leadership skills

I invite the clients real world into a safer controlled environment that people can practice in, make mistakes and learn from them, without negatively impacting employee or client engagement, because learning happens the most by doing

Key benefits of the tailored program

You gain real knowledge, skills and experience using optimal time and cost whilst in parallel, increasing the engagement of your teams – that your clients love to do repeat business with.

Program outcomes

  • Future ready employees who know what, where and how to seek out development opportunities for their teams that benefit clients.
  • Fully engaged employees that are self-confident that can translate the complexity of purpose, strategy, mission and vision into relatable goals for their teams.
  • Highly credible leadership that inspire teams and clients.
  • Mental wellbeing and partnership-based leadership embedded into the mindset of your organisation

Why Gault Consulting?

No Powerpoint, no motivational quotes, no theoretical roleplay - only impactful, powerful and effective learning that delivers results. 

Clients say about working with me

  • Patricia S., Finance Manager
    “Fraser started mentoring me in the middle of very challenging period of my professional life and I believe he contributed to the way I have managed and taken my lesson from the situation. He has shaped my vision by other perspectives brought to the picture. You can rely on Fraser that what he is giving you is his honest opinion backed by the years of his experience in evaluation or leading people in miscellaneous environments, and his genuine will to help you progress. Some sessions are awaking, some sessions work like an injection - they might be difficult to take at a particular moment, but they make you think afterwards and eventually move you to an action. I am grateful for our cooperation and I can say Fraser is one of not so many people in the professional area I have a genuine respect for. Thank you!”
    Patricia S., Finance Manager
  • László Szabó

    "I can rely on Fraser to bring perspective, knowledge and experience that helps me get into a focused mindset that I need when we are discussing business. He really listens and like a surgeon, works to identify the very specific area that needs resolving, supports me in creating a resolution and then gives me the confidence to go ahead and deliver what's needed. It's an approach I really appreciate as it delivers the strongest results in the most effective time."

    László Szabó
    Co-founder of Growww Digital Kft.
  • Kristina Roziak
    “ He was very helpful, supportive, his know-how was always a big advantage for every person who he was working with. I benefited the most from his drive to push me forward. He knew what I was able to do and he always encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone and make me succeed. Fraser is energetic, professional, direct and enthusiastic in everything he does. Along with his experience and open mind, he is always friendly and has an open ear. In summary, he is always there for advise.” 
    Kristina Roziak
    HR Operations Specialist
  • Eva Vargová
    He is an excellent advisor. He brings a wealth of expertise, professional experience and energy that enhances what we do at Junior Achievement Slovakia. Fraser is honest, direct, knowledgeable and witty. I appreciate his approach and straightforward attitude. He dedicates his valuable time and experience in order to help a non-profit educational organisation which is very much of value to us at this time in particular. I highly recommend Fraser for a business partnership.”
    Eva Vargová
    CEO, Junior Achievement Slovakia
  • Alexander Staton
    “Fraser's instruction and content knowledge was very good, he's very well-versed in the topic and extremely credible. I enjoyed the flow of the course and it was well planned and structured. This is a great course for a wide variety of attendees as the content is relevant to all seniority levels. I enjoyed the interactive nature of the course Thank you!”
    Alexander Staton
    Executive Leader, IptiQ Finance