Online interview preparation course


The Interview preparation course, covers the pre, during and post phases of different types of interviews you may encounter. It contains ready to use solutions on how to handle new or unexpected situations as well as practical advice on how to plan, prepare and deliver the best communication of your key values and why you are a good fit to the desired position you have applied for.
Attending this course will help increase your chances of success as you will be more confident, knowledgeable, a stronger communicator and better equipped to ask the right questions that will help you stand out from the crowd and also determine if this is the right job and company for you.

Who is it for:

• Fresh graduates / students at the end of their studies entering job markets
• Candidates looking for new positions
• Students wanting to improve their skills for studies or their future career

Course outline:

During the course you will learn:
• The 20:40:40 structured approach to preparation
• Best practices for phone / video interviews
• How to create a positive initial impression in person or virtually
• How to handle competency-based questions
• How to Identify and communicate your value
• How to ensure your verbal and non-verbal communication speaks the same language
• How to communicate acceptance
• How to follow up if unsuccessful.

Course outcomes:

By the end of this course you will:
• Be able to identify and effectively communicate your key skills and values tailored to the position
• Be able to plan, prepare and deliver a strong interview performance for any industry
• Understand common types of interview questions and answer them with confidence
• Know strong and informative questions to ask at the interview
• How to communicate acceptance or rejection of offers
• How to follow up if unsuccessful.

Course Specifications

Sessions upon request
Course length: 3 hours long interactive course
Platform: Virtual interactive Zoom

For more available dates or personalized 1-2-1 sessions please contact us at