THE TOP SKILLS FOR BUSINESS - Live - Interactive & Online Development Program


The Top Skills for Business - Program is set of courses that, within 6 weeks, provides you training in the top skills that many, especially international fortune 500 companies, desire in their employees.

Demonstrating a knowledge and competency in these topics will make you better placed to get that job you want.
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Program topics

Emotional intelligence & communication
Feedback & Motivation
Conflict resolution
Critical thinking & problem solving
Negotiation and Persuasion
Leadership skills - Values Based Leadership


    Who is it for?

    The program is designed for students, fresh graduates or professionals who are motivated to gain the top 10 skills required for today’s business, want to develop their soft skills and improve their chances of getting hired and take off on a fast-track route to leadership positions. .

    • Students seeking to improve their chances of success in their career search, interview and hiring process
    • Motivated and curious people looking to develop their virtual and in person communication skills
    • Business professionals and leaders who are looking to advance their career, expand or refresh their skills
    • Academic professionals looking to understand more about today’s business requirements

    Course outcomes:

    By the end of this course you will:
    • Be a stronger candidate for the job you want in company of your choosing.
    • Be able to communicate in a compelling and influential way that people will understand
    • Know and how to resolve conflicts in business and within your private life
    • Be able to formulate compelling action plans that resolve problems in a reasonable amount of time that people will want to follow
    • Work effectively and efficiently whilst under pressure
    • Be able to deliver feedback which is targeted, constructive and respectful that helps other people succeed.
    • Know how to identify true self confidence in others
    • Know how to develop true self confidence in your own ability
    • Have received real examples of do’s and don’ts within each topic


    MODULE 1

    Emotional intelligence & communication

    Communication is a core skill that has a significant impact on success. Regardless of your position, improving your communication skills is vital and one very good way of doing that is to strengthen your Emotional Intelligence. Emotional intelligence is about being able to recognise and control your reactions, improve your listening ability and improve your ability to build strong relationships.

    MODULE 2

    Feedback and Motivation

    Being hired is an investment any company makes in you. They want to see that investment as positive and so look for people who are actively trying to improve in everything that they do. To do that, we need to seek feedback from those around us on our performance, the aim being that the information we get helps us to improve.

    MODULE 3

    Conflict resolution

    This is the practice of being able to resolve disagreement in a sensible, respectful and efficient manner. In every stage of team and personal development we will encounter different opinions, working styles and personalities that will present us with conflict that needs to be resolved in order for us to be successful.

    MODULE 4

    Critical thinking & problem solving

    The ability to create a well thought out plan, using facts and data in a reasonable time to effectively solve problems is something that employers greatly appreciate. Developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills will make you a more attractive candidate for that job you really want.

    MODULE 5

    Negotiation and Persuasion

    More than simply getting what you want, improving your negotiation and influencing skills enables you to discuss any topic with one or more people to determine ways of reaching mutual agreement.

    Improving your negotiation skills will give you confidence to seek out the things you want, in business as well as your personal life e.g: Agreeing salary expectations during an interview or offer or a discount on that item you’ve always wanted to buy.

    MODULE 6

    Leadership skills

    Employers want people who are motivated and seeking to continually improve themselves and the works that they do. Known as a “continual improvement mindset”, this ability comes from having True Self Confidence - knowing that you don’t know everything, that some people are better at something than you are and being ok with that. Having true self confidence will enable you to take on different responsibilities without the deep anxiety of failure, this opens up many career opportunities that you perhaps hadn’t considered.

    Your course instructor

    Fraser Gault – founder of Gault Consulting

    Has over 20 years of international leadership experience in the government, finance and IT sectors of international business holding such positions as:
    • IBM - Head of leadership, learning and development for Europe, Middle East & Africa
    • SwissRe - Head of the Technology Operations office for UK, Switzerland and Central & Eastern Europe
    • IBM - Finance and Planning officer for Austria & Switzerland
    • Lenovo - Global Account Fulfilment Manager - Europe, Middle East & Africa

    Program Specifications

    Course length: 3 hours long interactive live sessions over 6 weeks.
    Possibility to join single modules or sign up for the whole program
    Platform:100% online 3 hours modules
    Schedule: Contact us for next available dates

    Student Price for the program: 229 Euro Per person
    Student Price for a module: 49 Euro Per person

    Price for the program: 349 Euro Per person
    Price for a module: 79 Euro Per person

    For more available dates or personalized 1-2-1 sessions
    please contact us at