Leadership Mentoring

A dedicated partnership for overcoming 

leadership challenges

Leadership sits at the heart of every organization. It translates the purpose and vision of the company into clear direction, maintains engagement and creates an environment that team members are motivated and inspired to work in.

On the other hand, it is a very challenging and often lonely journey.
I work with leaders to develop their skillset; increase their competency and confidence in their role they have now by providing advice, perspective and genuine experience that supports them to overcome their current and potential future challenges.
We build a close and confidential relationship where we discuss hard, critical leadership topics and how they are relevant to their success.
We identify and clarify goals and develop and action plan to reach those goals.
Using elements of advisory, experience sharing, coaching and training, or simulation together we generate confidence, strenghten communication and interpersonal skills, talk through difficult topics in a safe environment and build a plan that supports growth of them as well as their teams and organization.

If you ever feel like

  • I have a dilemma and need a different perspetive
  • I feel isolated / lonely in my role
  • I struggle with a strategic decisions
  • I don't seem to have enough time or resources to deliver
  • It's hard to trust anyone with my worries / concerns
  • I struggle with staff / team development
  • I feel like everyone else knows exactly what they are doing except me
  • I worry that I'm not good enough for this role
  • If I had more confidence I would…

YOU are not alone and LEADERSHIP mentoring WILL help you!


Leadership mentoring primarily focuses on YOUR success and fulfillment. We co-create a development path that strengthens your leadership skillset, maximises your ability to lead your team, so while we develop you, we enable you to develop your team and ultimately your organization more effectively.


What we do

  • we establish a confidential and safe environment as a base of our working relationship
  • we identify what brings passion and fulfilment
  • we discover your short- and long-term needs and define critical issues to address
  • spot barriers and challenges to overcome
  • create a plan for your development path
  • while we continuously build confidence, self-awareness, empathy, self-control using
  • combination of advice, critical discussion, debate, coaching and situational role plays.

while we continuously build confidence, self-awareness, empathy, self-control using combination of advice, critical discussion, debate, coaching and situational role plays.

The process

  • First, I try to understand the environment in which the leader works within. Then approaching the situation the leader faces from multiple perspectives, really trying to map out what is visible and what the root causes are. Doing that really gets to the heart of the problem.
  • Once we agree on that we move forward with strategies and techniques that I either explain and simulate with you, or I use coaching to help unlock the already known knowledge.
  • Then it's applied to the problem and we see what the results are.

Throughout the process which might take anything from 1 hour to multiple months - depending on the problem - we are constantly looking at ways in which the leader has developed or could develop as a result of working together.

As a result of mentoring you will

  • develop competencies and a leadership mindset
  • maximize your ability to lead your team
  • develop a strategic mindset and approach to developing your team
  • focus on your personal improvement from a leadership mindset perspective
  • develop interpersonal communication skills, knowledge transfer, understanding the impact of leadership styles, delegation, empowerment, employee motivation and engagement, staff development, delivering feedback and creation of an environment that builds trust and supports growth with psychological safety

Why mentoring?

It's a relationship that is built upon trust and respect for the mentee. A good mentor takes the time to understand your environment, the relationship you have with yourself, your role and the worries, anxieties or areas of anticipation you experience. Using a range of techniques, including coaching, advisory, training, practice and experience sharing the mentor's goal is to enable the mentee to deliver positive and confident results that are sustainable in both short and longer terms.

Clients say about working with me

  • Patricia S., Finance Manager
    “Fraser started mentoring me in the middle of very challenging period of my professional life and I believe he contributed to the way I have managed and taken my lesson from the situation. He has shaped my vision by other perspectives brought to the picture. You can rely on Fraser that what he is giving you is his honest opinion backed by the years of his experience in evaluation or leading people in miscellaneous environments, and his genuine will to help you progress. Some sessions are awaking, some sessions work like an injection - they might be difficult to take at a particular moment, but they make you think afterwards and eventually move you to an action. I am grateful for our cooperation and I can say Fraser is one of not so many people in the professional area I have a genuine respect for. Thank you!”
    Patricia S., Finance Manager
  • László Szabó

    "I can rely on Fraser to bring perspective, knowledge and experience that helps me get into a focused mindset that I need when we are discussing business. He really listens and like a surgeon, works to identify the very specific area that needs resolving, supports me in creating a resolution and then gives me the confidence to go ahead and deliver what's needed. It's an approach I really appreciate as it delivers the strongest results in the most effective time."

    László Szabó
    Co-founder of Growww Digital Kft.
  • Kristina Roziak
    “ He was very helpful, supportive, his know-how was always a big advantage for every person who he was working with. I benefited the most from his drive to push me forward. He knew what I was able to do and he always encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone and make me succeed. Fraser is energetic, professional, direct and enthusiastic in everything he does. Along with his experience and open mind, he is always friendly and has an open ear. In summary, he is always there for advise.” 
    Kristina Roziak
    HR Operations Specialist
  • Eva Vargová
    He is an excellent advisor. He brings a wealth of expertise, professional experience and energy that enhances what we do at Junior Achievement Slovakia. Fraser is honest, direct, knowledgeable and witty. I appreciate his approach and straightforward attitude. He dedicates his valuable time and experience in order to help a non-profit educational organisation which is very much of value to us at this time in particular. I highly recommend Fraser for a business partnership.”
    Eva Vargová
    CEO, Junior Achievement Slovakia
  • Alexander Staton
    “Fraser's instruction and content knowledge was very good, he's very well-versed in the topic and extremely credible. I enjoyed the flow of the course and it was well planned and structured. This is a great course for a wide variety of attendees as the content is relevant to all seniority levels. I enjoyed the interactive nature of the course Thank you!”
    Alexander Staton
    Executive Leader, IptiQ Finance