Strategic Change Leadership


Change is the only constant in business in a global economy. Companies need staff who are adaptive and can lead change in an effective manner, being one of these staff members will open up career opportunities that you may not have considered.

The course covers the purpose and methods of change using the 7s model framework. We will learn how to identify the need, gather data, identify tools to use and how to communicate the change to stakeholders in a way that ensures success.

Who is it for:

• People leaders, business or academic professionals looking to improve their effectiveness in resolving problems
• People managers/leaders looking to expand their knowledge and abilities in order to thrive in project or shared service environments
• Aspiring leaders or project managers

Course outline:

During the course you will learn:
• The need for change to be connected strategy
• Understanding the change curve and human reactions
• Strategies to overcome change resistance
• A deeper look into the 7s model of change
• Understanding key stakeholders and key communication strategies
• How to ensure change is adopted and maintained

Course outcomes:

By the end of this course you will:
• Be able to identify and communicate in a compelling way the need for change linked to company strategy
• Know how to minimise the depth of impact change has on productivity
• Know how to apply the 7s change framework in your business
• How to formulate and apply communication

Course Specifications

Next available session: Contact us for available dates
Course length: 3 hours long interactive course
Platform: Virtual interactive Zoom
Price: 89 Euro Per person

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