ONLINE Purposeful Communication


Purposeful communication goes beyond the exchange of information, it goes beyond shared understanding. It’s a method of communication that aims to influence by seeking to impact peoples thinking, attitudes or behaviour.
The Purposeful Communications course, covers the purpose, definitions and benefits of using a purposeful communications strategy. The course contains practical examples of how to apply the communication styles on a daily basis.
Developing your purposeful communication skills will assist you in becoming an engaging leader who can better attract, empower, inspire and guide people to produce better and more consistent results.

Who is it for:

· People leaders, business or academic professionals looking to improve their communication skills
· People managers/leaders looking to expand their knowledge and abilities beyond a command and control leadership style
· Non-people managers/leaders with leadership responsibilities e.g. project leaders
· Students seeking to improve their chances of success in their career search, interview and hiring process or in further higher study

Course outline:

During the course you will learn:
· The difference between purposeful communication and other communication styles
· The most and least effective methods of communication
· Examples of strong and poor communication and their effect on team results
· How to identify the needs and interests of your audience allowing you to build your communication style to ensure maximum understanding
· 4 ways to handle difficult communication circumstances.
· How to listen more effectively

Course outcomes:

By the end of this course you will:
· Be able to communicate in a compelling and influential way that people will understand
· Be able to translate complex messages into a simple and easily digestible communication that people will understand
· Know what and how to develop communication that’s tailored to your audience needs and interests
· Be a better listener and overall stronger communicator

Course Specifications

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Course length: 3 hours long interactive course
Platform: Virtual interactive Zoom
Price: 89 Euro Per person

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