Emotional Inteligence


Communication is a core skill that has a significant impact on success. Regardless of your position, improving your communication skills is vital and one very good way of doing that is to strengthen your Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is about being able to recognise and control your reactions, improve your listening ability and improve your ability to build strong relationships.

The course covers the purpose, definitions and benefits of EI. The course contains practical examples of how to understand why you react the way you do and what actions you can take to make those reactions positively inspire those around you.

Who is it for:

• People leaders, business or academic professionals looking to improve their effectiveness in resolving problems
• People managers/leaders looking to expand their knowledge and abilities in order to thrive in project or shared service environments
• Non-people managers/leaders with leadership responsibilities e.g. project leaders

Course outline:

During the course you will learn:
• How to define and understand the benefits of emotional intelligence
• Why our brain dictates our reactions and how we can overcome them
• Why sympathy, apathy and empathy have a big role to play in your success
• The 5 core skills required for emotional intelligence
• The associate verbal and non-verbal communication skills associated with EI
• Examples of how EI has been applied in real life business with both positive and negative outcomes.

Course outcomes:

By the end of this course you will:
• Know and understand the 5 core skills required for emotional intelligence
• Know how to communicate in an emotionally intelligent, empathetic and constructive way that preserves the motivation of others
• Be aware how your emotions effect behaviour of performance in yourself and others
• Know how to manage and adapt your responses to different situations

Course Specifications

Next available session: Contact us for dates
Course length: 3 hours long interactive course
Platform: Virtual interactive Zoom
Price: 89 Euro Per person

For more available dates or personalized 1-2-1 sessions please contact us at info@gaultconsulting.com