Critical thinking and Problem solving


The ability to create a well thought out plan, using facts and data in a reasonable time to effectively solve problems is something that employers greatly appreciate. Developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills will make you a more attractive candidate for that job you really want.

The course covers the purpose, definitions and practical applications of Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving models. We will learn how to diagnose and resolve route cause problems using real examples from business.

Who is it for:

• People leaders, business or academic professionals looking to improve their effectiveness in resolving problems
• People managers/leaders looking to expand their knowledge and abilities in order to thrive in project or shared service environments
• Non-people managers/leaders with leadership responsibilities e.g. project leaders

Course outline:

During the course you will learn:
• The definitions of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
• The framework and core principles that generate solutions
• The gathering and use of data and it’s sources
• Effective questioning examples that separate fact from perception
• How to apply the Critical Thinking & problem-solving model in using real examples
• Solution implementation planning and communication

Course outcomes:

By the end of this course you will:
• Know how to determine and separate route cause from symptomatic problems
• Know how to gather supporting data and generate and compare solutions
• Know how to separate fact from perception of any problem
• Make better decisions that impact your team in a positive manner
• Be able to communicate a plan in a concise and compelling manner

Course Specifications

Next available session: Contact us for dates
Course length: 3 hours long interactive course
Platform: Virtual interactive Zoom
Price: 89 Euro Per person

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